Volunteers are the heart of AMC. We would not be able to dance each week without the support of dancers who volunteer their time to serve this dance community. Volunteering is a meaningful way to participate in and contribute to the AMC community.

Each time you volunteer, you’re invited to a free dance during your shift (after set up and before break down) and you’ll receive a voucher to dance at another regular AMC dance for free. Two volunteer shifts are available at each dance.


Volunteer Sign-Up
(See who you’ll be volunteering with.)


When you volunteer, please:

  • Arrive on time. Your shift times will be emailed to you.
  • Stay for the full shift. We need your help before and after the dance.
  • Have fun! Connect with people. Dance passionately. Volunteer again!


What do I have to do?

Check in with the Room Coordinator (RC) when you arrive for your shift. Your RC will work with you and the other volunteer to make sure everything is ready for the dance. Before you enter the dance, ask your RC when you should return to complete the end of your shift. Volunteers are typically able to participate in the opening circle, but may need to return to the RC before the closing circle.

All volunteers greet dancers as they arrive and ask dancers to sign in and pay. The work for each dance is different (see below) and tasks may change from week to week.

  • Sunday, First Dance: Set up the lobby and greeting area.
  • Sunday, Second Dance: Break down the lobby and greeting area.
  • Friday: Set up and break down the lobby and dance space. This is a much smaller venue and the work is typically lighter than on Sunday.

Work may include lifting and carrying small containers, handling cash, and communicating with the RC about how to record different types of payments. If you have a special need or have any questions about volunteering, please email the Volunteer Coordinator.

Need to cancel your volunteer shift? Please use the cancellation link in your confirmation email. As a courtesy, please also email the Volunteer Coordinator.


What shifts are available?

The easiest way to find an open shift is to use the Volunteer Sign-Up button. You can also see which shifts have already been taken below. Sunday shifts are listed as 7:30 (for first wave) and 10:30 (for second wave), and Friday’s shift is listed as 6:30. Two volunteer shifts are available for each wave.

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