An Invitation to Flex Your Ticket: Response to a Rent Increase

Hi dancers,

First, a big thank you for coming together at our recent Dancer’s Gathering. It was so good to hear both new and familiar voices! We hope this is the first of many informal community gatherings where you can talk about your experience and find ways to connect your passion to service in the community — or just spend some time together!

One dancer asked about finances during the Gathering, which is timely. We recently learned about a big change to AMC’s expenses that prompted AMC’s working circles to gather and respond.

As two of AMC’s Shared Values, Transparency and Sustainability are fundamental components of our decision-making and fiscal responsibilities. As a primarily dancer-funded organization, the working circles often discuss AMC’s finances and how best to steward your money to ensure that there is a safer space for our community to dance every week.

AMC Shared ValuesAMC’s rent at the Asheville Masonic Temple will increase by 50% beginning in February.

We currently pay the Asheville Masonic Temple $1,000 per month to dance on Sundays. That price will increase to $1,500 beginning in February. Some of the terms of our usage will also be changing, which means that we may dance in a different space several times throughout the year. So, be sure to check the website!

AMC’s flex ticket will change from $7-15 to $8-20 beginning in February.

Many of you already volunteer and give more than the base ticket price, and I am so grateful for your strong support of our dance community. We believe this change continues to honor our commitment to an affordable community dance, and also helps to reduce the impact of our rent increase. We’ll continue to offer work exchange opportunities at each dance, which provide two free dances every time you support a dance by volunteering.

I hope you’ll continue supporting our shared dance and community by matching your flex ticket with the value that dance has for you. Most importantly, I hope you’ll continue to be inspired and seek transformation in shared movement and dance, wherever you are.

Thank you dancers; we couldn’t do this without all of you!

What do you think? Let us know!


With gratitude,

Gregory Bonin
Executive Director


P.S. We’ll be dancing at NYS3 beginning in February! Stay tuned!

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