Changes in the Lineup: A Pause and a Welcome

Pausing for Sabbatical: Michael Hurd

Hi Dancers!

There have been some big changes this summer—movement, if you will. And movement is what we’re about, right? Facilitators Michael Hurd and Jai Dee Watters both share a little about their own recent movement below.


Michael Hurd

“Hi All,

I am taking a break from facilitating till the end of the year. Thank you all for the opportunity to offer mixes and facilitation for our waves. I will miss facilitating. I’m not sure if I will jump back in after the sabbatical is over, and if I do it may be in a reduced capacity. I’m going to take this time off and see how that feels.

I have had my share of ups and down, and AMC has meant a great deal to me over the years.

Thank you AMC facilitators, RC’s, and volunteers. Thank you dancers. I appreciate you!”

— Michael Hurd

Michael Hurd started volunteering and organizing for AMC in 2009 and began facilitating dance waves in 2010. He started a six-month sabbatical on July 1st, and will not be on the calendar through the end of 2015, except for a special outdoor dance on Saturday, September 12th at Warren Wilson College, and possibly filling in on a Friday or Sunday once in a while.

Welcoming Facilitator Jai Dee Watters

Jai Dee Watters

Jai Dee Watters

Jai Dee Watters recently completed AMC’s facilitator apprentice pathway and was welcomed by Team AMC at the July Dance Leadership Circle meeting. Welcome, Jai Dee!

“It is a privilege to serve the Asheville community as an AMC facilitator. Just as there are a variety of reasons to dance in community, there are a variety of reasons to serve as a facilitator. As I hold community movement space for joys, sorrows, and the whole range of emotional experiences that result in transformation and liberation, I experience my own process of personal growth and emotional expression. From my first free-form dance ten years ago to the countless dances that I have facilitated in the last eight years, I continue to be challenged and rewarded in holding sacred space and selecting enchanting music. Additionally, AMC is a self-supporting / self-organizing circle of dedicated volunteers, which is a movement in itself.”

I welcome the role of facilitator as I welcome your comments, questions, requests and feedback. I look forward to reaching out to all. See you in the temple soon!

— Jai Dee Watters