Resiliently You

A 3 week online grounding immersion designed to hold you, inspire you and guide you into your most resilient self. The version of you that can ride the waves of life with more ease.

Over 3 weeks this course will offer a wide variety of different ways to get grounded. Giving you a taste of as many ways so you can find what works for YOU. Creating a sense of safety, trust, and belonging in your body. Learn what grounding is, why it’s important and how to integrate it into your life when life gets lifey. This course was designed to be accessible and meet you right where you’re at.

Whether you’re well seasoned in the world of grounding and looking for a space to hold you accountable to your practice or you’re completely new to what grounding even is, this is a space intentionally created and crafted to hold you and nourish you. To empower and equip you with the tools that work best for you – so when the waves of life come you can ride the storm with more grace, resilience and ease.

Rediscover yourself through the power of grounding. Dive into all the ins and outs of how to ground yourself through all the waves of life.

For more information check out the website or follow my instagram at _Amy_Dickens