Job Openings

The Asheville Movement Collective is a 501c3 nonprofit.

We are currently looking for a Childcare Coordinator. If you are interested in supporting the return of childcare on Sunday’s during second wave, please contact us here.

Opportunities to become a facilitator are always available. Get started on the facilitator pathway today! Learn more here.

Want to work the front table? Learn about becoming a Room Coordinator here!

We are an organization run through Dynamic Governance, and have a limited number of paid positions which fall under “Mission Critical Tasks”, these positions and tasks include:

Executive Director – currently the executive director serves as point person for legal contracts and liability, insurance, banking, memberships and a variety of community and professional relationships and outreach.

Executive Secretary – point person for administrative organization, technology infrastructure and communications, in-house budgeting and finances.

Executive Treasurer – point person for non profit tax and accounting legalities and compliance.

Event Coordinator – point person for managing events and scheduling

Volunteer Coordinator – point person for ensuring Room Coordinators, Childcare Providers, and work-trade/volunteer scheduling, training and operation is smooth, as well as responsible for AMC’s internship program.

Communications Coordinator – point person for newsletter and special event and announcement related website updates

Facilitators – Facilitators are responsible for overseeing individual AMC dance waves by setting and maintaining the container and musical format. They may  make the mix or have guest DJ’s or musicians.

Room Coordinators – Responsible for managing the entry table at events, overseeing work-trade/volunteers and handling per-dance monies and accounting.

Circle Administrators and Circle Facilitators – responsible for taking minutes and facilitating various AMC circle meetings (respectively).

Bookkeeper – Responsible for maintaining auditable accounting records for redundancy and cross-reference with in-house records and budgets.

You can view more detailed Position Descriptions in the Community Archives in the Positions and Pathways folder. Each is compensated differently based on a variety of factor which may include: the frequency and format of the work, budgetary considerations and the skill and commitment required.

If you’re interested in working for AMC, reach out!