Core Circle Community Guest & Childcare Gratitude

Call Out: Core Circle Community Guest

Steven Jones, Events Coordinator

Steven Jones, Events Coordinator

Hello Amazing Dancers,

We want you, or at least one of you, to come and sit with us in Core Circle as our guest. At Core, we discuss operations, events, and some business, but we also try to set aside time to talk about what dance means to us or why dance is meaningful in the world—y’know, it’s like our dance—some structure and some improvisation. We’d like to receive your wisdom about your dance experience and your experience dancing in, and with, this vital community.

Core Circle meets every six weeks, and you would join us as guest for the next four meetings. We meet on Wednesdays from 6pm to 9pm, and our upcoming meetings are December 10, January 28, March 18, and May 6.

Please contact me directly to express your interest or ask any questions at .

I really look forward to hearing from you,

Steven Jones
Events Coordinator
Core Facilitator

AMC Childcare Gratitude & Needs

Marilyn Gaunt, Volunteer Coordinator

Marilyn Gaunt, Volunteer Coordinator

Hi Dancers!

As most of you know, AMC offers childcare during our second wave on Sundays. What you might not know is that I’ve recently taken on the Childcare Coordinator responsibilities after several years of tireless service by Andy Weatherly, who helped build our childcare team. Thank you, Andy, for your heartfelt desire and efforts to create a space that supports our children and parents, allowing parents the freedom to dance while having their children close by and cared for.

In addition to a Childcare Coordinator, AMC has a regular Childcare Provider, Charlotte Schulte, and a weekly Parent Volunteer that acts as a liaison between children in Charlotte’s care and their dancing parents.

Parent Volunteers are vital to supporting our childcare and we’re in need of several parents that are willing to work in scheduled rotation. In exchange for their service, Parent Volunteers receive two free dance vouchers. Vouchers can be used by the parent or shared with others.

We are also in need of children’s toys. We especially need games and books for slightly older children. New and used items are acceptable as long as they are in good shape.

Please contact me directly for both the toys and volunteering at .

Thank you!

Marilyn Gaunt
Volunteer Coordinator