Cry Out ~ *Online* Sunday Morning Dance Wave! May 2, 2021

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We’ll be livestreaming the facilitator’s dance on Zoom, with the opening and closing circle. The mix will be available for download, so you can listen alongside on your home sound system or headphones.  We will all press play at the same time after the opening circle 🙂

Facilitator: Marta Martín

Warm Up: 10:00am EDT
Opening Circle: 10:30am EDT

Please be sure to read the Online Dance Guidelines.

Invitation: Cry Out

Crying out loud and weeping are great resources.
A nursing mother, all she does
is wait to hear her child.
Just a little beginning-whimper,
and she’s there.
Cry out! Don’t be stolid and silent with your pain.
Lament! And let the milk
of loving flow into you.
The hard rain and wind
are ways the cloud has
to take care of us.

— Rumi

Dance Mix

You can either download or stream the music.  Downloading the file is recommended to prevent poor quality or freezes from limited internet bandwidth.

Mix Download

When the new page opens, instead of clicking the “play” triangle, click on the  icon (upper right) to download the file.  (If you use the option, you will be streaming from google.)

If you prefer, you can stream the music from SoundCloud by clicking below.  Clicking the triangle streams it here; clicking on the file name opens SoundCloud, where you will see track names.

Zoom Room

The zoom room will open at 10am EDT.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 508 889 9481
Passcode: dance

Warmup Playlist