Our Dance Guidelines

AMC offers a shared experience and a shared place for spontaneous, free-form movement.

In order for our dance community to thrive as a space for free-form movement, we follow a shared set of guidelines that has been co-created through our years of dancing together. By participating in an AMC dance, we all are agreeing to these guidelines.

We acknowledge that what each of us brings to the dance floor affects everyone and we create this experience together with:

Awareness of others and ourselves
Permission from others and ourselves
Participation through movement and presence

We practice moving in healthy community by:

  • Arriving on time for the opening circle.
  • Respecting the venue we dance in, leaving it better than we found it.
  • Maintaining a nonverbal dance space. This includes during the last 15 minutes of warm up.
  • Showing up with clean clothes, body, and mind – encouraging a substance-free experience without use of strong scents.
  • Dancing in bare feet, socks or dance specific shoes.
  • Keeping shirts on. Bring extras if you tend to get sweaty!
  • Leaving electronic devices off the dance floor.
  • Pets (with the exception of service animals) are not allowed on the dance floor or unattended in the lobby and surrounding areas.
  • Participating as dancers, instead of as performers or spectators.
  • Holding spatial awareness.
  • Honoring boundaries and practicing consent.

These are our collective agreements.
Please respect these guidelines or be prepared to be asked to leave.