Divine Play – Outdoor Dance and Dancers Gathering at Carrier Park on October 24, 2021

Divine Play

Where can you embed divine play into your life? How can you use the energy of divine play to guide your movement in your dance and in your way of being?

Divine play is a way of honoring the creativity and spontaneous nature that rises when we let go of the analytical mind and flow with what is alive in ourselves in any given moment.

Micah (Mikaya) Swabb is a facilitator of AMC and the founder of Dance Church Maui. You can listen to his previous DJ sets at soundcloud.com/mikayaswabb.

Sunday, October 24th
Location: Carrier Park
220 Amboy Rd
Asheville, NC 28806

Facilitator: Micah Swabb

Warm-up 10:00 AM
Opening Circle 10:30 AM
Dancers Gathering & Lunch Potluck 12:30 PM!

We need volunteers: 2 for set up at 8:30am, 2 for check in at 9:45am, 2 to break down after the event, and all to take turns during the event. Email cathay@ashevillemovementcollective.org  and specify your preferred shift(s).


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