Family – Sunday, Nov 24th with Ted Riskin

Friday, November 22nd
Guest DJ: Bob LeRoy
Supporting Facilitator: Marta Martin

We are diverse, we are unique as we individuals come together this evening, but what might we have in COMMON?  Perhaps we are relieved for the chance to leave behind the stresses and burdens of the regular “work week”?  Perhaps we are eager to express creative impulses and release energies that have been a bit pent up in other settings?  Perhaps our bodies yearn to move through space without being stifled?  Perhaps we’re a bit tired or feeling pain/soreness somewhere, but hoping we can rouse ourselves to dance?  Perhaps we feel vulnerable in addressing how we really feel, and yearn for a respectful supportive situation where it’s OK to do that?  Perhaps we yearn for the feeling of solidarity in a group or roomful of people which is building a shared experience together?  Perhaps we’re shy and needing some privacy, but worried about disclosing that to others?  Perhaps we’re worried about being seen as too expressive in front of others?  Perhaps we just want to have fun, but in a trusted trustable situation?  How many of these are our SHARED perceptions?

Exploring the edges between dance musics of today and their roots in music cultures and dance cultures from 1 or 2 generations ago….  and resolving to age-old stillness.  Strong evocative music of many rhythms and tempos and moods, seen through the lens(es) of artists (to whom we are grateful!) from at least 17 different countries.

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7:00 pm warm-up
7:30 pm circle

Suggested: $10
Flex: $8 – $20+

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Evergreen Community Charter School’s Gym
50 Bell Rd, Asheville, NC 28805
Additional parking available at the Charlie Bullman Park.
719 New Haw Creek Rd, located on the left side of Bell Road before the entrance to Evergreen.

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