Feeling the Rhythm: AMC & Asheville Rhythm Live Music Special Event!

Hi dancers!

IMG_20160107_195400_edit_400I hope this reaches you warm and well! We’ve had a lot going on, and it’s always good to revisit why we do what we do in our meetings: Team AMC and AMC’s other circles want to offer a dynamic and transformative experience, both on and off the dance floor. These are groups of dedicated volunteers and organizers who have been working together to serve this dancing community, and have lately been focusing on making participation, feedback, and collaboration more accessible.

In January, we took what we believe is a big step toward bringing our meetings more into alignment with how our community would like to participate in decision-making. Based on feedback from folks who have attended AMC meetings in the past, we’re experimenting with the Dancer’s Gathering. This gathering is an opportunity to come together in a more informal forum, talk about our dance experiences, and develop ideas for enriching our dance community and organization. If you missed the gathering in January, I hope you’ll join us for the next gathering in April.

AMC Shared ValuesOver the past year, we’ve also sought opportunities to reach out and collaborate as a way to practice our shared values in service to AMC’s vision, mission, and aim. This service not only enriches our communities, it also enriches our own dance experience. AMC hasn’t hosted a live music special event since 2012, back when we were dancing at Sol’s Reprieve. (Remember that lovely space?) So, we’re excited to let you know about an upcoming collaboration with Asheville Rhythm, producers of the Asheville Percussion Festival!

Live Music Special Event: Sunday, March 27

On Sunday, March 27 at 11:00 am, AMC and Asheville Rhythm present a live music special event with musicians ​River Guer​gu​​​​erian ​playing a collection of percussion instruments including gongs, hand pan, singing bowls, and hand drums, Chris Rosser ​on exotic​ stringed instruments and keys,​ and ​John Vorus on didgeridoo,​ drones, and live processing. Asheville Rhythm provide​s​ a creative environment where people of all skill levels and traditions gather to explore, innovate, educate, and build community to create a culture that promotes wellness through rhythm. So, we have a lot in common!

asheville_rhythm_Gongs and Hand_851

“​As live musicians, our intention is to co-create a colorful pathway to the collective rhythm of the group in flow of shared energy.”

Dancers will be invited to join the musicians during a portion of the wave to co-create the music and add their instrument’s voice to our shared dance. The dance will begin at 11:00 am after a warm up, and finish with a sound meditation as an extended stillness section. We’ll have our regular first wave dance at 8:30 am so dancers who prefer our regular event don’t have to miss out on their regular Sunday movement practice.

Like the Dancer’s Gathering, this dance is an experiment. We hope to discover whether this is something the AMC community wants; how we can sustainably host special events like these; and how we can honor the musicians, the dancers, and the organizers by what we create together.

So, mark Sunday, March 27 on your calendars for a morning of live music and community connection!

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More Special Events?

Team AMC has been looking at how to balance special events like live music, guest mixers, and guest facilitators with AMC’s regular Friday and Sunday movement practice.

Photo by Taylor Johnson

Photo by Taylor Johnson

We’d love to hear your thoughts about balancing what AMC offers. How often would you like AMC to host special events? What types of events enrich your experience as a community dancer? Do special events disrupt your regular movement practice? Let us know!

In the meantime, watch the website for special events and guests as they’re announced.