From Marta with Love

A New Website and Gratitude:

Next time you visit, you will find a beautifully designed website that is easier to navigate and a pleasure to view.

One big change is that we switched from Paypal to Stripe to make ticket sales easier. If you tried to pre-register in the last few days, you may have noticed a hiccup in the process. It is now working properly. You can now pre-register for our next Warren Wilson College event this Friday.

Great gratitude to Yonderday’s Josiah and Mason Greenwald for their artistry and skill.  Thank you to Cat, Victoria, Micah, Jeannie and all others that gave us input and noticed small details that made a great difference.

Most of all, gratitude to our dance community who made donations and supported our events to make the new website possible.

And thank you for all the love and gratitude that came my way at our last outdoor event.