From Marta with Love

Marta MartínFrom Marta with Love

The Asheville Movement Collective began 2022 in sound financial and organizational health. We have adapted to pandemic restrictions and continued to build a strong consent based organization that still inspires and educates.

Strong support from donors, matching funds campaigns, and dancers who offered services to be raffled ended 2021 in an upbeat note. We raised enough funds to purchase two new speakers and revamp our website without affecting our 2022 budget.

Our team and staff have been returning to fuller participation, which allows us to revisit some of our projects. We are slowly returning to our Consent Team Labs, in person joint meetings, elections, and reviews.

Our so loved Fridays are slowly returning once a month and we are planning outdoor events as soon as the weather is warmer. Thanks to all who continue to participate as dancers, volunteers, donors, and staff. Your contribution helps our collective not only survive but thrive.