“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” -Maya Angelou

We are a pay-what-you-can community driven organization that values our dances as inclusive and accessible to as many as possible.

While we are able to sustain our dances with ticket sales, we need more support in order to grow as an organization. AMC holds big visions for our dance community. We want to continue to host dances, improve efforts of outreach and inclusivity, build organizing capacity, offer competitive pay rates, and ultimately we wish to find a permanent place to call home. We need your help to make this happen! Your donations go a long way to keep the spirit of AMC alive.

To donate, click an amount below or click “other” & enter your own amount. Then click the DONATE button.


Alternatively, you can find us on Venmo by scanning the QR code below: