If you were waiting for an invitation, this is it!

AMC & Asheville Rhythm Presents


Hi dancers!

If you haven’t heard, tickets for our live music collaboration with Asheville Rhythm on Sunday, March 27 are available beginning today! You can get tickets, join the Facebook event, and read the full dance invitation at the links below.

Sunday, March 27, after First Wave
Tickets: $10+ (Suggested: $10-25)

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Bring your self, bring your friend, bring your drum, and co-create a colorful pathway to the collective rhythm of the group in flow of shared energy!

A Community Invitation to Participate

Last Sunday, Team AMC met as a circle for the first time since January’s Dancer’s Gathering. Besides the nuts and bolts of AMC’s weekly dances, we explored topics like how we create a container and hold space for our dances; how to support one another as facilitators and room coordinators and volunteers; what worked and what can be improved about the Dancer’s Gathering; and we looked at various considerations for adding a subwoofer to our sound system.

Continuing the conversation started in Core, everyone was enthusiastic about opening more opportunities for community dancers to participate in decision-making that affects how we do what we do, and what we all experience during AMC dances. In that spirit, Team AMC created two guest member positions for community dancers to be part of Team AMC on a six-month rotation.

One guest will be a dancer nominated by Team AMC. Like Core, we’ll try to invite dancers who might broaden our perspective by sharing their experiences as a regular dancer at a particular dance (are there any Friday dancers here!?), or a dancer who might offer types of experiences we don’t typically hear about.

The other guest comes from this invitation! So, if any of this resonates with you, keep reading.


You are invited to share your voice and perspective and participate in decision-making that affects what we create together. As part of Team AMC, we would ask that you commit to attending Team AMC meetings, which are scheduled once each calendar quarter. In addition to our regularly scheduled meetings, Team AMC sometimes calls an ad hoc meeting to discuss an important topic that can’t wait until the next scheduled meeting. We try to accommodate everyone’s schedule, and meetings are generally held on the date that the most people can attend.

If you would like to join Team AMC in serving this community, email CJ O’Reilly, the Team AMC Facilitator, to share why you feel called to serve and let him know you’d like to be considered as a Team AMC guest member.

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If you’re looking for other ways to participate and connect in our community, volunteer! You’ll get to work with an awesome RC, welcome a wonderful community of dancers into our shared space, and dance for free. You can sign up to volunteer on the website or contact Marilyn Gaunt, AMC’s Volunteer Coordinator, with any questions about becoming involved as a volunteer.




Our shared experience of this community and practice is why we’re here, and we value feedback about your experience. Like the container we create for our practice, we aim to create a safer space for everyone to share their experiences of our dance and community. Besides our Dancer’s Gatherings, you’re always invited to share your experience in writing with , on our website, or with me at .

Gratitude to each of you for showing up, and for sharing this extraordinary community experience.


— Greg, and Team AMC