Our Bodies Still Want to Move ~ *Online* Sunday Morning Dance Wave! December 13, 2020

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We’ll be livestreaming the facilitator’s dance on Zoom, with the opening and closing circle. The mix will be available for download, so you can listen along on your home sound system or headphones.  We will all press play at the same time after the opening circle 🙂

Facilitator: Ted Riskin

Warm Up: 10:00 am
Opening Circle: 10:30 am

Please be sure to read the Online Dance Guidelines.

Invitation: Our Bodies Still Want to Move

When we dance on December 13, Asheville will see 9 hours, 46 minutes, and 33 seconds of daylight. On December 21, the shortest day, we get 9 hours, 44 minutes, and 56 seconds. Then, of course, the days start getting longer again.

In Utqiaġvik, Alaska, the sun set on November 18 after poking above the horizon for 34 minutes, and will not rise again until January 23. That’s a lot of dark! But everything balances out, and they will have continuous daylight from May 11 through Aug. 18.

Dark, light, cold, warm, outside, inside — our bodies still want to move.


Dance Mix

You can either download or stream the music.  Downloading the file is recommended to prevent poor quality or freezes from limited internet bandwidth.

Google Drive Download Link

When the new page opens, instead of clicking the “play” triangle, click on the  icon (upper right) to download the file.  (If you use the option, you will be streaming from google.)


If you prefer, you can stream the music from Mixcloud by clicking below.  Clicking the triangle streams it here; clicking on the file name opens Mixcloud, where you will see track names.

Zoom Room

The zoom room will open at 10am.

Click here to join in via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 982 8667 4995
Passcode: 563565


Warmup Playlist

When you join the Zoom session after 10am, there will be warmup music playing.  If you prefer, you can select your own tracks from this Spotify playlist: