Room Coordinators Needed

We Need Room Coordinators!

A wonderful opportunity to support the dances…

Room Coordinators are one of the most important parts of our organization and help keep the dances happening!

Room Coordinators do not dance the wave they work, because they are busy doing critical support tasks…

Meet the Current AMC Team

Room Coordinator Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Manage the Door/Entry – be one of the first faces dancers see as they arrive for the dance!
  • Manage Volunteers/Work-Traders – Get to know dancers off the dance floor!
  • Count Money and Attendance – Help keep AMC happening

Room Coordinators is truly a great contribution and service to the community.

It is essentially a volunteer position, however Room Coordinators:
  • get paid $20 per shift
  • dance for free at all AMC dances (when doing at least 2 shifts per month)

Become a Room Coordinator

A Doorway into the Organization:
If you’re interested in understanding more about Sociocracy/Dynamic Governance, non-profits or just AMC and how it works, Room Coodinating is a great first step!
  • Be a part of Team AMC and be invited to participate in AMC decision making and meetings (every other month) and learn about Sociocracy/Dynamic Governance
  • Get experience necessary to serve as the Volunteer Coordinator and other AMC jobs.