September Events

  • Fri, Sep 2nd, Spiral to Awaken the Body with Guest DJ Jake Frankel
  • Sun, Sep 4th, Remember Your Magic with Guest DJ Lanie McKeever
  • Sun, Sep 11th, We’re Still Here with Guest DJ Mountaine Jonas
  • Fri, Sep 16th, WEIRDO – WEIRDER – WEIRDLIER with Michael Hurd at Warren Wilson Morris Pavilion – Outdoor Dance
    Warmup 7:30pm – circle at 8pm
    $15-30 Students free
    We’ll need extra volunteers to setup
  • Sun, Sep 18th, Rain Dance with Conway Weary
    Consent Lab with Marta & Ran during second wave warmup
  • Sun, Sep 25th, Micah Swabb at Carrier Park – One Wave 10:00am
  • Fri, Sep 30th, Live Music with Alex Caruso and Friends

We are dancing at Evergreen except on September 16th at Warren Wilson College and on September 25th at Carrier Park.

Evergreen Community Charter School’s Gym (ECCS)
50 Bell Rd, Asheville, NC 28805
Directions to Evergreen Community Charter School