Cat Hay (She/Her)

Cat’s earliest and most cherished memories from childhood are of days spent dancing. Since 2010, when Cat fell in love with the practice of hoopdance, she has been on a journey of self discovery through her daily dance and movement practice. Cat believes dance is an incredible tool for connection and healing, not only for the individual but also the collective. As a facilitator, she aim’s to curate music into sensorial soundscapes of a wide variety, evoking a deeply transformative and wildly expressive dance experience. She also holds it down behind the scenes serving in several functional roles for the organization. On her off time you can find her studying the stars, practicing yoga, hiking, and connecting with community. You can listen to her mixes on her soundcloud.

“Dancing together heals the heart of humanity. On the dance floor, we shine the light of our souls, we remember our oneness, and we open our hearts to love.”