Lanie McKeever (Anderson) (She/Her)

Lanie McKeever

Lanie McKeever (Anderson) is a visionary empath, mystic artist, fledgling music weaver, and lover of enchantment, currently residing in Asheville, NC. Finding ecstatic dance in 2014, she has been moving and ‘moved’ by the healing power of voices, rhythms, and music ever since. Lanie has been with AMC since 2021 and was very excited to join their facilitator team Aug. 2023. She is a creative professional and psychotherapist inspired by soul-full practices focused on the systemic healing of our minds, bodies, and spirits in a time and a world calling us back Home. You can find her creating at RainbowDragonheart Creations or weaving music at her SoundCloud.

“Blessed we are to dance on this ground
With the rhythm of saints to carry the sound
We hold a prayer for all life
For the days yet to come
May you walk in beauty
And remember your song”

~ by Peia, “Blessed We Are”