Supporting Community, Sharing Intention, and a Dancer’s Gathering!

Hello dancers!

A big, big thank you to everyone who danced on New Year’s Day to benefit Our VOICE (and to those that gave even though they couldn’t join us). It was so heartwarming to see your smiling faces and hear your appreciation for supporting an organization doing good work with our local communities.

Together, we raised over $800 in support of Our VOICE!



Our VOICE writes, “We are so grateful to the Asheville Movement Collective for their support of our programs to prevent sexual assault and to provide services for its victims. Artistic expression is so integral to the healing of sexual assault survivors; working with the Movement Collective was a natural fit for us, and a wonderful way to start 2016.”

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Marta Martin writes, “I began 2016 falling in love again with the Asheville Movement Collective community. We gathered on New Year’s Day to move our bodies and benefit Our Voice, our sister organization whose vision is a community free of sexual violence. The process of choosing the music and the invitation of the ‘expectancy of a world that moves in harmony’ helped me go deeply into my own vision and renewed my commitment to this dance practice. I am full of gratitude for all who participated, giving generously, and creating a container full of love and authenticity.”

We hope this is the first of many AMC dances to support organizations who help people in our local communities.

Sharing Intention in 2016

joint_meeting_word_cloud_300Last week, AMC’s working circles (Board, Core, and Team AMC) met to set some intentions for 2016 and also decide how to respond to some important changes with our finances.

We’ll be talking more about these changes in future newsletters and gatherings, but I want to share the intentions and faces of some folks who serve our community and are deeply committed to inclusiveness, transparency, and making sure we’re all able to dance every week.

If you don’t recognize one of these marvelous human beings, please introduce yourself and ask about what they’re doing to support AMC.




And, say thank you!

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Gregory Bonin
Executive Director

Dancer’s Gathering: This Sunday, January 17
at the Asheville Masonic Temple

AMC will have a Dancer’s Gathering on Sunday, January 17 after the second dance at the Asheville Masonic Temple. The Dancer’s Gathering is a time for us to connect with each other, and also to connect with those who help make this dance happen so the dance can better meet the needs of our community.


This Dancer’s Gathering will be a loosely facilitated time for sharing food, experiences, and perspectives. There will be opportunities to commune with friends, meet people you don’t get a chance to talk to during our non-conversational dances, share experiences of the dance with organizers, and identify what we can do to improve the Asheville Movement Collective experience.

This gathering is a potluck, so please bring some finger food and drinks to share. All are welcome!

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Original photo by Taylor Johnson