AMC Mix Making Internship

Are you excited to make mixes for AMC dance waves?
Do you want to deepen your understanding of AMC’s dance wave format or home your mix making skills and understanding?


What is the AMC Mix Making Internship?
The AMC Mix Making Internship is a chance to develop a shared understanding of the AMC mix making format and everything that goes into making mixes for AMC dances.

The internship’s goal is to:

  • support new mix makers, including DJ’s who would like to make mixes for AMC’s dances and dancers who are interested in getting started with mix making; as well as to,
  • create a community understanding of the AMC mix making format and a culture of healthy feedback and collaboration, and to
  • develop the technical mix making skills of AMC facilitators and potential AMC facilitators

The AMC Mix Making Internship is an an opportunity to learn the AMC Dance Wave format, and develop, hone and share skills that go into creating and sharing a mix for AMC dance waves.

Skills we will explore and practice include:

  • Understanding the AMC Dance practice
  • Exploring musical qualities and the relationship to movement and experience
  • Exploring sources for music
  • Understanding digital music quality (bitrates, etc)
  • Understanding Mix Making software (Ableton, Audacity, Live DJ Platforms, etc) and mix making workflows
  • Understanding sound frequency, music mastering, and equalizing for spaces
  • Sharing and receiving mix feedback
  • Making a mix for an AMC dance wave!


The internship is facilitated by CJ O’Reilly. It’s founded in a peer based explorative practice, where all participants are teachers and students, but includes specific structure, assignments, and some skill based presentation.



This internship is a great fit for anyone looking to better understand the AMC Dance Wave format, or hone skills needed to make mixes for AMC.

What this internship is not:

This internship does not make you and AMC facilitator. (If you’re interested in that process, check out the Facilitator Pathway.)
It does not explore the space holding and dance facilitation components – it only focuses on the mix making elements.



All dates are 10am-12pm on a Saturday Morning.

  • Feb 8th – Intro Overview & Intention Setting
  • March 14th – Exploring Qualities of Music
  • April 11th – Introduction to Mixing Software
  • May 30th – Exploring Mixes: Discussion & Feedback
  • June 13th – Sound Quality: Files, about Music Mastering, sound systems, equalizing for songs and rooms
  • July 25th – Sharing and Harvests



  • A Laptop – recommend at least 8GB memory and SSD type hard drive
  • Some decent headphones
  • A decent sound system or speaker for your movement space
  • Sweat Your Prayers book
  • Recommended: Spotify Membership


Time Commitment:

  • Scheduled gatherings for discussion & practice ~2hr/mo
  • Reading for study and understanding ~1/mo
  • Respond to discussion threads and/or reading/assignments ~1/mo (self scheduled)
  • Work on developing your library and mix making ~4hr/mo (self scheduled)
  • Exploring new skills ~4hr/mo (self scheduled)
  • Dance time ~1hr/wk (self scheduled)


The AMC Mix Making Internship is free for all attendees. No previous experience is required, only a committeemen to attendance and participation.


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