“Build a Home” Seed Fund – The Last Stretch!

amc dancers
AMC and it’s forebears have been dancing here for 18 years in many different temporary homes!

As many of you know, we are exploring the possibility of leasing or buying a building to be a permanent home for AMC! Shifting from hosting weekly dances to managing a permanent space is a big!

To facilitate this, we are developing a nonprofit business plan which will ensure the operation will be realistic and sustainable. Performing the space search, developing a build-out budget, ensuring our understanding of the market, and developing a realistic funding plan for leasing or buying a space, building it out, and filling it with community events is significant work!

To do this work we have identified a $10,000 goal!

This $10,000 will cover the expenses of:

  • Space Search – Real-estate research to find what spaces that match our needs are available in Asheville
  • Market Research to estimate realistic income from the projected space in the form of AMC events, Space rental from aligned organizations, space rental from other events, Grants, non-Grant Fundraising, and possibly other operations such as a cafe
  • estimate operations expenses of the researched activities
  • estimate basic build-out expenses for a leased or purchased space
  • Development of a nonprofit business plan
  • Professional development of officers around nonprofit business development
  • Fundraising costs for the Seed Fund

We’re almost there!

Our Silent Auction and other seed fund donations have already raised nearly $7,000 towards our seed fund!

We hope we can raise the remaining ~$3,000 by the end of 2018!

Your Donations will be matched!

With the wonderful support of a matching donor, all donations received by Christmas Eve of 2018 will be matched (up to $1,500)!


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