Childcare updates!

Asheville Movement CollectiveGuess what?!?

We’re improving our Childcare Program!

Even amid the last year’s dire financial straights and the venue change, AMC’s childcare program as continued and grown.

Now AMC now has the resources to grow it’s program in response to the growing number of (and inevitably size of!) its children:P

Parents and Childcare Volunteers, how can you help?

There are three things you can do to help:


Parent & Childcare Volunteer Information

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  1. Send us childcare providers you like! We want to have backup Primary Providers as well as Secondary Providers. Have potential providers get in touch at .
  2. Sign up for this informational newsletter! It won’t go out more than once a week if we need volunteer and will also update about childcare related cancellations, changes and meetings and gatherings. Sign up right here! –>
  3. Please read the childcare guidelines! Childcare Guidelines.
  4. Are you interested in being a Childcare Volunteer? Childcare volunteers help children get between the dance and childcare when they need their parents and serve as extra eyes and support on the dance floor. You can dance the wave you work, and get free dance vouchers for your time (think of it like work-trade). If you’re a new Childcare Volunteer, please email  to schedule your first shift so we can give you an orientation. After that (or if you’ve had an orientation, sign up on the childcare page!)
  5. Feedback about the Childcare Program is always appreciated. Send feedback to 

What changes are in the works?

At the AMC Annual Gathering, parents provided wonderful feedback and ideas which included a some great feedback from parents who attended!

There will be some changes to childcare include:

  • Improved Childcare Guidelines
  • A Secondary Provider
  • The re-named “Childcare Volunteer” slot (think of it more like work-trade, as you get dance vouchers & can dance the wave you’re volunteering! What a deal!)
  • More communication with parents

We’re excited about the future of AMC – help make it everything you want it to be!

– CJ O’Reilly
Volunteer Coordinator