Family Traditions and One Super-Amazing Childcare Mama

Karen Jones, AMC Childcare ProviderThis Sunday I was even more moved than usual by the intergenerational wonder of our dance. From infants to 80-year-olds, the room was moving in village harmony. I’ve been around long enough now to see young ones grow up, new babies born and even young ones (at least compared to me) grow up and have their own young ones.

As was so lovingly pointed out this past Sunday, a big part of this all is some amazing childcare provided by the one and only, Karen Jones. She loves her service and she’ll tell you, so just ask. I have the great privilege of working with her in another community, one for seniors, and — oh yeah — they love her, too. She has a big, big heart, and our children know it, they love her, it’s clear. So, when they are too grown up to put up with our shenanigans on the dance floor, they hang out with Karen. What feels really special is that our parents trust her enough to be able to hit the floor and move without worries, to have their dance, too.

One of my favorite moments is, after second wave, when the room is cleared and we’re taking down the equipment, and the kids take over the room, running around, chasing each other, laughing and free, and I imagine them, carrying on the traditions of our dance.

Stop by and give Karen a thank you or a big old hug. We are so fortunate to have her care.

With gratitude and deep love for all of our families and everyone sharing in our amazing, transformative practice.


Steven Jones
AMC Events Coordinator


Photo by Charlotte Louise Taylor