Fridays at NYS3: A Next Step

Hello dancers!

If you dance regularly at more than one wave, you know that each has its own character. Friday night dance is a different dance from both Sunday dances. Instead of dancing at the start of the day and coming together in a morning glow, we dance at the end of the day, at the end of the work week, in changing light, and sometimes in the full darkness of midwinter.

Friday dances are a long-standing part of AMC’s dance culture and we continue to support them even when the ticket price doesn’t fully cover the expenses. Over the past four years, we’ve danced Fridays at Terpsicorps (at the Wedge), Sol’s Reprieve, again at Terpsicorps (on Old Lyman), NYS3, and most recently at Asheville Ballet. Each time our location changes, our dance changes. Our dance changes as a reflection of the different dancers and the character of the space. Our dance evolves.

Our dancing community evolves, too. My hope is that the decisions we make align with the evolving needs of AMC’s dance community. While many dancers appreciated our partnership with Asheville Ballet, some were challenged by the location. So, we’re trying something different.




After Terpsicorps closed on Old Lyman, we danced briefly at NYS3. NYS3 has a new studio and we’ll be dancing in that studio on Fridays through February. This is an opportunity for a new creation; for new connections in a new space. This is an opportunity to evolve again.

You’re invited to NYS3 for this next step in our Friday night evolution. Fridays are about what we create together, and we want to know what Friday means for you. So, tell us what you think!


Gregory Bonin & Team AMC


P.S. AMC’s flex ticket will change to $8 – 20 beginning February 14. Read more about this change on our website.

Thank You, Asheville Ballet!

Asheville Ballet is one of Asheville’s oldest and strongest nonprofit arts organizations. For 64 years they have aimed to provide the highest quality dance training in Western North Carolina in an atmosphere that encourages not just the art of dance, but the arts of humanity: kindness, generosity, cooperation, and affection for each other.

Ann, Teresa, and Asheville Ballet opened their studio to AMC during our unexpected Friday transition in 2014 and continued to work with us to make a Friday home for AMC dancers.

Asheville Ballet Productions

I’m grateful for their support over the past year and hope you will continue supporting Asheville Ballet’s efforts to offer dance to WNC communities through their productions and educational outreach.


Thank you, Teresa & Ann, and Asheville Ballet!
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