From Marta with Love

Dear AMC Community,

Solemn revelry is in order as we end another year of movement and transformation. Appreciation to all who have participated in creating sacred space by pursuing authenticity, sharing the joys and the hurts, and bringing the light to a world that can be dark and gloomy.

2023 was a year of transition, learning, and growth for the Asheville Movement Collective as an organization. Our staff showed resilience and compassion in the face of hard truths and difficult situations that required each of us to look deeply within and reflect on our ways of dealing with challenges. I am filled with gratitude and awe for all who stepped in to strengthen our container, grow our community, and renew our commitment to this practice. Our dancers kept showing up to move together and practicing awareness and consent.

We had a successful year in many ways.
Some highlights:

  • We are back to dancing all Fridays with an average attendance of 50-70
  • Our First wave events attendance has increased 50-70
  • Second wave has had attendance of over 100 dancers even during Summer months
  • We are back to collaborating with Warren Wilson College on a regular basis
  • Our volunteer pool is growing
  • We are strengthening our pool of Room Coordinators with the help of Lanie Mckeever Anderson as Volunteer Coordinator and a great backup team
  • Amber Brown is rocking it on Social Media
  • There are 3 new facilitators on board and several working toward the pathway
  • Our Childcare is back and getting stronger with Danielle Podlesny at the helm as Childcare Coordinator
  • Our new Consent Circle is collaborating to strengthen our container
  • Cat Hay now has more time and she is using it wisely, leading the creation of our new Consent Policy and so much more
  • Ted Riskin is now our Executive Treasurer and has helped us to place our “dream home” money in interest earning accounts
  • Mountaine Jonas is a new board member. Looking forward to his input and support
  • We are working with Our Voice to offer “Creating a Culture of Consent” workshops for all staff
  • We have been working with a team of experts to help us solidify our consent policies and learn how to make a stronger container and respond to incident reports
  • Our new door policy is still a work in progress and overall, most dancers are on time to sit in circle and create sacred space. We honor those who reach out to us because they have difficulties arriving on time.
  • Gratitude to Aris Lara who volunteers to stand at the door and let dancers know the doors are closed with great love and compassion
  • AMC had fundraising events for the Center Of Conscious Living and Dying, Brother Wolf, and Our Voice
  • We hope to work on fundraising events next year to help realize AMCs dream of a home

Gratitude to our working circles whose members volunteer their time to keep our Sociocratic model moving smoothly. Thanks to all who participate in manifesting our vision of a world that moves in harmony. I am looking forward to another year of movement, growth and possibility.

Shine your lights, I’ll shine mine too, and when you see me…I SEE YOU!

Marta Martin
AMC Executive Divector