Owl Magic – Friday, Dec 20th with Mikaya Swabb


Owl Magic

Friday, December 20th
Guest Facilitator: Makaya Swabb
Supporting Facilitator: Marta Martin

Owl Magic represents a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowing. The invitation for this dance is to call upon the Spirit of the Owl to tap into your ability to see what’s usually hidden to most. Use the vision of the owl as a metaphor to see into the depths of your shadow, and the dark night of winter solstice.

When the spirit of the Owl calls to you, you can see reality beyond illusion, self-doubt and confusion. The Owl offers inspiration and guidance necessary to explore the mystery and magic of your personal transformation.

The cycles of life, death and rebirth move within each of us. Ask yourself, what in me is dying? What in me is ready to be birthed?

Mikaya is known for his sensual and evocative track selections that cover a wide spectrum of global rhythms and beats woven seamlessly into a conscious dance wave progression. His sets inspire timeless-ness on the dance floor and cathartic releases of emotions and movement.

Mikaya will be performing with Billy Zanski and his troupe of live drummers. The DJ set will build up to 10 minutes of live drumming at the peak of the wave progression. Mikaya and Billy’s drumming troupe performed together for AMC in June and the juxtaposition of the electronic beats and acoustic drumming brought the dance floor to an absolute frenzy.

At the end of the dance a beautiful acoustic sound healing will be provided by Billy and Mikaya.

If you’d like to hear the sound of Mikaya’s ecstatic dance sets please visit Soundcloud.com/mikayaswabb. Mikaya has been electrifying the dancing floor for AMC since moving to Asheville last winter, and we’re excited to have him back again for this special Winter Solstice Friday Night Event at Evergreen Charter School.

7:00 pm warm-up
7:30 pm circle

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Suggested: $10
Flex: $8 – $20+

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Evergreen Community Charter School’s Gym
50 Bell Rd, Asheville, NC 28805
Additional parking available at the Charlie Bullman Park.
719 New Haw Creek Rd, located on the left side of Bell Road before the entrance to Evergreen.

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