Conway Weary (She/Her)

Conway remembers the moment when her first grade teacher Mrs. Dean lined up the girls, put Tchaikovsky on the record players and said “Pretend your a flower”. That ecstatic meeting of music and creativity was a life gift. Thanks Mrs. Dean!

She has been a part of AMC from its humble beginnings and thinks its the most wonderful organization and community that there dan be. The Dancer Path has given her healing, transcendence, sustenance through numerous life transitions, and deep exploration of the many realms of the self. She hopes to meet you on the dance floor!

If you want to know more about her work as a somatic psychotherapist, you can visit her website

“The Dancer Path is to play with the world in wonder, spontaneity, passion and joy. It’s a path that helps the inside meet the outside, the body meet the spirit and the healer meet the wound.”