Rory Jagdeo (He/Him)

Rory is a singer/songwriter and performs as a solo artist with guitar, harmonica, and vocals in different venues and at times you may see him busking downtown Asheville. Rory stepped into Ecstatic Dance in Houston, TX for the first time in 2014 and believes in the power of dance to transform and bring a healthier, happier, and connected lifestyle. It is that driving force and passion that pushes him to explore the role of being an ecstatic dance facilitator using world rhythms and different musical genres to weave mixes that incorporate many elements of Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms.

Rory found a home with AMC in 2021 knowing it was a magical place where all these elements live and thrive. He started out as a Guest DJ and adheres to AMC’s Vision, Mission and Aims by making the commitment to follow through with the pathway to become a facilitator. This was achieved on 8/21/22 and now he is on his journey to continually provide a safe and energized space for all to experience the magic of music through the full expression of movement.