Starting the Year Together: Dancing for the World

Dear Dancers,

New Year's Day Benefit Dance for Our VOICEAsheville Movement Collective will host our first benefit dance this Friday, New Year’s Day, January 1, 2016, with all proceeds benefiting Our VOICE.

This dance is an explicit recognition of our interconnectedness. When we step onto the dance floor, we bring the rest of the world, and our experience of it, with us — everything from awe and joy to heartbreak and devastation. Each of us dances for our own reasons, and we share a collective aim of dancing for personal and community transformation.

Our VOICE pursues a community that is free of sexual violence. When someone experiences sexual violence, it often feels as if their body has been taken from them. Dance and movement, like our weekly dance, is one way to reacquaint with and reclaim the body. Dance is primal; it is something we have done from our beginning. In that sense, dance belongs to us as much as our bodies belong to us.

On New Year’s Day, we have an opportunity for our own personal transformation to resonate with other human beings who may not have access to what we experience every week: a safer place to connect; to express ourselves; to share space in community; and to move through a transformative range of emotional expression in our bodies.

I hope we can begin two thousand sixteen together, dancing both for ourselves and for the community we live in.

Let’s take it beyond our community and dance together for the world.


See you on the dance floor,

Gregory Bonin & Team AMC


A New Year's Day dance to benefit Our VOICE

Friday, January 1, 2016 at The Asheville Masonic Temple

10:30 am warmup
11:00 am opening circle

Suggested Donation: $7+
All proceeds will be donated to Our VOICE
Childcare is available.

All proceeds will benefit Our VOICE. The space has been donated by The Asheville Masonic Temple, and the facilitator, Marta Martin, will be donating her time, so all money will go directly to Our VOICE!

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